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Wight Wassail Song

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Isle of Wight Wassail Song

Wight Druids have been holding a Wassail every year since 2009 (see "Wassail" article here under "Events"). This is just one of several Wassails that now take place annually on the Isle of Wight. References to Wassailing having taking place on the Isle before the recent 'revival' are extremely sparse, but we can be fairly certain that the ceremony would have taken place during the late 19th century and the very early years of the 20th. And we know there would have been one or more local adaptations of Wassail songs sung at such events. But Wight Druids felt that it was high time the Island had its own song and decided to write one! The Isle of Wight has such a rich and unique dialect and this has been woven into the lyrics.

You can hear the song at this link:

Isle of Wight Wassail Song

and download the sheet music at this link:

Isle of Wight Wassail Song

This song is provided under a Creative Commons licence. So anyone can download it, sing it and share it. Enjoy - Wassail!

Music by Malcolm Brown; Lyrics by Malcolm Brown and Alan Phillips (who also provided the Isle of Wight Dialect), this is our new 'traditional' Isle of Wight Wassail Song:

Wight Wassail

Wassail, Wassail all over the Wight
Good Health to you Goodman, Good Health to your Wife
Come open your door, we’re shrammed so much
And give us zome cider to zwally an’ glutch

Wassail, Wassail, A jolly gurt Wassail,
So bring out some nammet and join our Wassail.

We hope that your apple trees prosper and bear
And bring forth good cider with ample to spare
So when we return and Wassail you next year
You’ll have twice the cider and no more small beer

Our Wassail is made from fine cider the best
With nutmeg and ginger it’s perfectly dressed
Our bowl it is made from a great willow tree
And now all you Caulkheads we’ll drink it in three

Come Missus and give us a mighty gurt feast
To scoggel and snobble and scrannel like geese
We'll zwally your cider and gollop your beer
And when we're all crapzick we'll give you a cheer!

Come ladies and damsels in your fancy shawls
And your lily white smocks, good health to you all
The year has now passed and with it your sins
But there’s lots of gurt new ones as this year begins.

Final or alternative Chorus
Wassail, Wassail, a gurt Wight Wassail
So bring out some nammet and join our Wassail

Isle of Wight Dialect

Gurt - Great
Shrammed – Benumbed with cold
Zwally and Glutch - swallow and gulp
Nammet - Bread, Cheese and strong drink
Scoggel - Gulp down
Snobble - Devour greedily
Scrannel - Eat greedily
Gollop - Gulp down
Crapzick – Sick from over-eating or drinking
Caulkheads – Wight Islanders

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